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Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue (pc game)
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Go away Power Rangers!

Those Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers have lent their questionable talents to a number of games over the years from Time Force to Super Legends. This one isn't to be mixed up with the similarly titled Saban's Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, as that was only released on PlayStation and this Windows version is a very different beast. Instead of being a fighting game, it's actually a collection of interactive elements which allow you to experience life as a Power Ranger, but which is unfortunately an almost complete waste of time. It's effectively a hi-tech playbox where you get to explore the interface of a spaceship and fiddle with switches, buttons, levers and so on, each of which triggers various animations and sounds. There are different custom interfaces for each Power Ranger, so in theory there's a fair amount to explore but there really isn't much else to describe so anyone picking this up and expecting anything even remotely approaching a game is going to be sorely disappointed. This really is one of the worst and laziest uses of a license ever seen in gaming. Apart from brief appearances by the Rangers, it features almost no real connection to their adventures whatsoever and feels as if the license was cobbled on to an already existing game. Even for very young gamers who are fans of the Rangers, this is poor stuff and while their excitement levels are likely to be high as you fire this up, they are going to drop suddenly when they realize that there's nothing to do here other than press a few buttons and watch some lights flash on an off. Dreadful stuff!