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Prehistorik (pc game)
4.8 out of 5 (15 votes)
  • So, spelling not your strong point then?
  • I'd watch out for that volcano if I were you
  • I'm going to jump on your head
  • Those rock things look like they might come alive
  • Hey, what's your name?
  • I'm still watching that volcano
  • They had ice cream back then?
  • Monkeys are annoying
  • I don't think they'd invented plastic by this point in history
  • There was already a concept of heaven and angels back then?I'm not sure that's right.
  • Game introduction
  • Hit those dinosaurs
  • Going for the eggs
  • Jump when the fishes are down
  • The monkey uses coconuts against you
  • Got 100 points!
  • That old man can give you power up
  • You're dead...
  • That's funny... using ballons...
  • Many prehistorical creatures...
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A Flintstone man adventure of cartoonish proportions!

Prehistorik is a sidescroller game, a pretty fun and simple one, but definitely worth playing, for those that love sidescrollers, those that loved the Flintstones or any other cartoonish series with prehistoric men with bats for weapons! Now, the gameplay is simple and really engaging; you have to traverse the sidescrolling lanes of each level; you get to beat the heck out of the enemies, but at times it is best to dodge or jump over them as well, rather than just go full on at them! Diversity wise, while there are a few puzzles here and there, sprinkled to keep the game fresh, you shouldn't expect anything out of the ordinary. It's got no elements that would take you away from the game, the basic running and batting things (and prehistoric people!) over their heads. Graphically, it is well in the style of the early 90s, sort of NES looking, but with distinct DOS characteristics. The backgrounds are made out of tiles, but occasionally you'll see areas that seem to be drawn and then digitized, the enemies are not too diverse in terms of looks, and for the most part, Prehistorik just keeps playing well and looking just great. So, it's definitely worth looking into, as this is a game that really known what's up. So, have it in your collection, it will definitely not disappoint!

Survive in the neanderthal era!

Prehistorik is an action arcade game released in 1991 by Titus Interactive, where you play as a primitive man with a cudgel. You have to survive by defending yourself from dinosaurs and other menaces, and also you have to search for food. Food can be the animal you are killing, or the one you search for in prehistoric places like caves. The dangerous animals are: Pyro-Tax dragons, the Turtosaurus, and the Bad Bat. Some of the creatures require several hits to become completely dead, but some are invincible. You will find in your way monkeys that will throw with coconuts at you, and you have slight chances to reach their location, in order to defeat them. So, you will simply have to avoid their attacks. Your exploration is full of hidden areas, where you will find treasures and food supplies to fill your stomach. But before you collect them, you will always have to kill the creatures that guards them. You will not only travel by foot, you will also pass some obstacles in your way flying with ballons, swimming or climbing trees. The game consists of seven levels, and its graphics are beautifully coloured, presenting a world in the neanderthal era. Check the sequel, Prehistorik 2, for more entertainment!