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President Elect: 1988 Edition (pc game)
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Text and menu based presidential campaign sim!

Don't expect to be in an HD super graphical race to win the presidential race in this one game. Instead expect a true text based, simple, full of little weird things kind of sim game, unlike many others. Sure, the 80s were full of weird little sim games, see Alter Ego for a taste of strangeness, but this game here is unique because it simulates the tribulations of trying to make a presidential candidate win the elections. The game simulates the American elections and it does so by having you win the states through presidential trickey also known as campaign! You'll thus have to answer a lot of questions, make choices, make sure you remember what answers you imputed prior and trudge through the question and answer screens while at each stage you'll know whether your options have won you some candidates or not. It reminded me of my first tries to program “interactive” programs using the BASIC programming language that came preprogrammed in my ZX Spectrum clone, and maybe those of you who dabbled in those primitive programming experiences will have some love for this game here. Otherwise I'm pretty sure the presentation will drive you away soon enough!