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Price is Right, The (pc game)
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From the CBS studios to your 14 incher!

CBS had a host of shows back in the 80s, some of them more successful than others, some of them more forgettable than others! However, amongst them, one stood out, as it was really loved by audiences. The show was called The Price is Right, and this game here tries to create exactly that kind of experience, in digital format. And you know what? It manages to do at least a good job! Thus, if you want to relieve that kind of atmosphere this early 90s game can certainly ca catalyze into that particular kind of thing. So, all things considered, The Price is Right does a great job, mostly because of a large database of products and also a randomization engine that makes it so that you'll always keep guessing. The animations of the AI players, minimalist and pretty lenient are cool enough to keep you excited, as are the sounds and the atmosphere. Sure, it has written 90s DOS all over, but that only adds to the atmosphere. Anyway, if you love winning digital money, have a go at Wheel of Fortune as well, this show too does a great job at recreating the atmosphere of a 80s/90s show. You won't be disappointed by neither of them!