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The Great Escape

Taking its inspiration from the likes of Dungeon Keeper, Sim Hospital and Dwarf Fortress, this is an intriguing little strategy game that is worth a look for its sheer originality. As you might guess from the title, this is a prison building sim which allows you a reverse view of the world as seen in The Great Escape. You goal is to build and maintain a maximum security prison and which involves taking care of every imaginable element from laying down the cells, positioning the guard towers to finding somewhere for the cafeteria, all the while making sure that no one is ever getting out. You really do have to think about everything and the consequences of your decisions can have far reaching effects, so get it wrong and you'll be looking for a new job soon enough and it's here that the game really shines. The mechanics are simple enough to grasp but complex enough to ensure you'll be playing to the end of the ten hour campaign and there is a real sense of depth on offer here. There's a real open-endedness to the game which means you can tackle things your way and which encourages repeat play as you try to do a better job next time while learning from your mistakes. The visuals are nothing spectacular but in a game like this, it doesn't matter too much and instead the interface is simply unclutters and easy to navigate. The addition of the Escape mode is a great one, as this allows you to try and break free of your own prison or one created by someone else and serves to make the game even more appealing. Overall, if you like your strategy games, then this should be next on your playlist.