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Wing Commander: Privateer - Speech Pack (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.

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Privateer speck pack, adds speech to the text

I'd say that playing Wing Commander: Privateer (Speech Pack) without this addon is an exercise in keeping with a very oldschool way of dealing with older games, but, while purism might have its value at times, giving up this official addon will take away a good portion of the game's appeal. SO, my advice is, either locate a game that has the speech pack already installed or find the addon and install it separately, it is very much worth it. Quality wise, the actors that have worked on the dialogues were a really professional bunch, which furthermore enhances the audio enjoyment of the original game. So, why should you bother with Privateer, with or without the speech pack, you might ask: well because it is a fun, action packed space shooter set in the Star Wars universe, putting you in the cockpit of a number of Star Wars classic fighter ships, and allowing you to engage in many diverse missions, always a fun experience to get into. But, most of all, because the game is not solely a shoot them down kind of deal, it also features a bounty hunting portion, a trade portion and really nice looking cockpits. Yes, the game is not actually 3D but it manages to create a really nice atmosphere with its total of 320x200 pixels and a total of 256 colors. Eh, those were the days! PS: Try Wing Commander 2 if you're looking for more advanced graphics but like the gameplay premise of Privateer.