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Pro Pinball Big Race USA (pc game)
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  • Empire Interactive
  • Start the game
  • End of ball bonus
  • Pro Pinball Big Race USA pc game
  • Accumulate points
  • Shoot the taxi
  • Ball 1 credits
  • High score
  • Strikes tips
  • Danger!
  • Jay's give away
  • Total bonus
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
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Monstertruck themed pinball arcader

Heavy monstertruck competitions are by no means a thing of the past. Nope, not at all, such competitions are still common in the US and they attract a lot of people, some looking for the excitement of the races, while others looking forward to the special car jumping sequences and the other special events. Well, this love for big wheeled trucks translated into the themed tackled by this particular pinball sim, as you will play the game on tables that have been designed with monstertruck graphical elements in mind. The big tires are there, the old derelict vehicles are there, the sloped serpentines are there as well. So, a monstertruck aficionado that also loves pinball will feel at home in this game without question. Alternatively, for other nicely themed pinball games, you might want to try Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey for a high fantasy themed ride or Fox Arcade - Sci-Fi Pinball which is all about science fiction. Regardless of your choice, Pro Pinball Big Race USA is a competent pinball sim, with very accurate physics, an intricate labyrinth of pinball elements and that monstertruck flavor that makes the game really stand out. Oh, and it's 3D, if that is a deal breaker or a deal maker for you!