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Psycho Pinball (pc game)
4.54 out of 5 (37 votes)
  • Scary stuff
  • I'll take a treat please
  • She is one ugly lady
  • Top of the table
  • Racking up the points
  • Under the sea on the next table
  • Splishy splashy
  • Are whales pink?
  • I could go for some calamari
  • The third table
  • Going out west
  • Stay out of jail
  • Rewards are nice
  • Main menu screen
  • A halloween themed table
  • A snapshot extracted from game introduction video.
  • Language selection screen
  • Table selection screen
  • I want a table like this!
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
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With that same mindset of Pinball Dreams; 3 great tables

Psycho Pinball is a fantastic pinball simulation, in the style of the famed Pinball Dreams; this translates to really well done, fantasy tinged tables, that are still mainly based in the techniques for building, and the looks of classic pinball machines. Thus, you get a truly beautiful experience from the game, really satisfying if you are for careful physical simulation. The game offers you 3 great tables; one is called The Abyss, with blue as the main color and a deep ocean theme; the next one is called Trick or Treat, and, as you'd expect it has a Halloween theme, with a tinge of horror, just to spice things up, in that 80s look and feel. And, the last, a western inspired table, called Wild West with a cool western theme to it, very satisfying to play if you like western movies. All in all, 2D graphics, but well done, and a satisfying game to play, with immediate response from the controls. Digital pinball aficionados should not miss it, it's truly a remarkable game, with 3 extraordinary tables.

Fantastic like any other pinball game

Among the many pinball games out there, this one is a sheer classic as it is pure addictive fun with lots of variety. Starting with its intricate level designs, you have a variety of different tables with their distinct dynamics and patterns which makes it really competitive to throw the ball into the hole. The view angle of the tables can be adjusted and the picture resolution can also be kept high or low. The graphics are so sharp, sleek and colorful that the game allures you into playing it of hours and hours. They have tried to keep the color combination very vibrant and attractive and that's what gives this game a very catchy look. The digital voice narration is also very good and it helps the user throughout the course of the gameplay. The four tables that you have with this one feature different balls physics and each is tougher than the other one. It also has a psycho table which is the best because it allows the player to navigate between tables and also allows them to use all the 4 tables at a single go. So it's really addictive and is parallel to the likes of Extreme Pinball.