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P.T.O. II (p.t.o.: pacific theater of operations ii) (pc game)
4.2 out of 5 (10 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • KOEI presents...
  • Introduction sequence
  • Mission selection
  • Checking war stats
  • Japanese Navy reserves
  • What's the situation in the Pacific
  • Japan move phase
  • Selecting officer
  • Attaching China posts
  • England vs Japan battle
  • Naval attack by air
  • More battle scenes
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Wonderful strategy and simulation game

It is an excellent strategy and simulation which is really exciting and fun and is based on the Pacific War that took place between Japan and United States. At the start of this game, you can select among the six quick campaign options or the 3 campaign options in which the player has to complete the task in a specified time period. After you have selected your desired side, you will be briefed out about the current status through some easy understandable screens and then the game will commence. You will run the naval force of the country that you select and your mission will be to defeat the other force. That's where you strategy will come into play. The basic methods to make the other side lose are to attack their official bases where there are troops and to restrict the economic output of their country. Depth has been given to the gameplay with a variety of many other missions and the battles are fought abstractly. You will have to control different aspects like air, sea and land elements. The graphics in this game from KOI are not much hi-fi but are good enough to support a good game-play. It has proved a great sequel to KOI's 1999's classic ‘'P.T.O'' which did wonderfully well.