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Maddening and addictive fun

The original Puddle was a terribly clever and inventive little physics-based puzzler that was a student project which proved successful enough to grab the attention of publisher Konami, thus resulting in this updated version. Similar to the likes of LocoRoco and World of Goo, this one sees players in control of varying types of liquid across several different environments. The goal is similar to classics like Lemmings, requiring you to get a certain amount of liquid to the end of the level, but with a number of hazards standing between you and success. These include things like fire, which causes evaporation, blades, and even Venus flytraps, while there are also some time-based levels and ones without liquid but which involve similar physics-based concepts. This updated version includes several more levels over the original, with some highly imaginative ones set in places as diverse as forests, the human body, a laboratory and a sewer. Puddle really is quite the little treat for puzzle fans and if you've ever played things like Pipemania or the aforementioned titles, this will be right up your alley. The visuals are simply done but very striking, with a highly distinctive minimalist style that suits the gameplay perfectly. The gameplay itself is easy to pick up but becomes very challenging very quickly, and is rarely less than enthralling. The variety of challenges and levels on display here means there's always something new to try your hand at, and this really has all the makings of a modern classic that is well worth a look.