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Puyo Puyo (pc game)
5 out of 5 (2 votes)
  • Game cover art
  • Those balls don't seem to be happy at all
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Addictive puzzles and fun

It is a puzzle game where the theme is quite simple and the gameplay is quite conventional. It involves the color matching like have been seen in other conventional puzzle games in this category. The puzzles have been designed to provide you a fun ply and the game has both single play are and multi-player mode which are equally good and fun. The level deigns in the game are the sheer result of creativity because all the elements in the gameplay have been based on distinct ideas. The puzzles have a progressive nature and they get tough and tough as the player advances in levels and this really makes the game challenging and fun. Every level has distinct collection items along with some very colorful sequences. Well the gameplay is what I would love you to experience yourself and you can learn it easily because the interface in this game is simply classic and simple to grasp. The A1 has been intelligently designed which makes the puzzles tough but not frustrating for the user to shy away from the game. It is one of those games which you can play for hour and hours to beat the scores of your friends. Another game which is pretty much same in fun and intensity is Swing.