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Puzz 3D (puzz 3d: the orient express) (pc game)
4.71 out of 5 (7 votes)
  • So far, it's just the Notre Dame
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Put together 3D puzzle edutainment/puzzler

Puzz 3D puts a spin on classic jigsaw puzzling, allowing you to create, in this particular iteration, the Notre Dame Cathedral, in full 3D. Therefore, the game is more of a lite architecture suite, with the pieces you require to assemble your cathedral, already developed and ready for you to make sense of them. For a 3D puzzler/assembler, the camera, rotation of the puzzle pieces and other such important factors needed to be taken into consideration, to insure the game will not become cumbersome. Hus, I am happy to say that the game strikes a good balance between usability, playability, both from the graphical aspect as well as from the point of view of your controls. If, for instance, you have ever fiddled into a 3D suite, you will recognize a few staples taken from there, the x,y,z wire mesh, which can be brought on or off, depending on your needs, and a few buttons if you want to use the keyboard as well. If, however, you prefer a mouse interaction without other options, know that you can complete the puzzles without ever touching a single key. Complexity wise, you can try to build your cathedral with or without any aid, so, at this level the game is challenging but fair. I wouldn't recommend it for beginner 3D puzzler constructors, as it can get pretty hard at times.