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Quadnet (pc game)
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The unholy child of Tron and Robotron!

Heh, it was almost inevitable that someone would think this one and go and execute it. I mean, look at it, it's simple Robotron has it in the name Robo(TRON)! Hehe! Well, here's the deal, Quadnet is an arcader in which you play this arrow (yes, you're the arrow!) in a grid like environment. Your goal is to kill all the sentient dots because well, they are baddies that drip acid all around. And of course, they don't care much about your particular taste in seeing them disappear, but, nonetheless, in this one you really, truly get a cool fast, almost engaging action experience. Also, later on the enemies become more diverse and more...explosive and I bet you'll have a few moments of quit rage, but, nonetheless, you'll still feel enticed to get back to it, if you have love for tight fitting arcaders, especially the ones that remind of Robotron! Because Robotron is the greatest, man, that's why, and anyone who doesn't agree with me I'll challenge to a game of awesome Lode Runner :P And then you'll have to agree!