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Quest For Glory 5: Dragon Fire (pc game)
4.67 out of 5 (12 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Introduction sequence
  • Introduction sequence 2
  • Main menu
  • Talking to the wizard
  • Walking in the town
  • Knocking at the door house
  • That must be like the king
  • Going to talk to that sale people
  • Bargaining
  • Into the bank
  • Looking for some item to buy
  • Talking to the guard
  • In the tavern
  • The candidates for the throne
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
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Very well polished adventure, though with a flimsy story

The story ark in Quest For Glory 5: Dragon Fire is a bit too familiar by this time to really give you any pleasure or anticipation chills. You have to rid Silmaria of a dragon, but until you get to do that, you will have to prove yourself. Right from the start, luckily, the adventure story tropes take a bit of a step back. The game tried something a little more innovative, bringing in 2D environments on top of which the camera moves as if they were fixed in a certain point, though 3D. At any rate, there is a certain dynamic and a feel that fits really well in the game, and which is bound to put you in a position from which you can simply enjoy the puzzles. The offering, while not that original, is by no means one to sneer at. You get a lot of different challenges. You get the usual pixel hunt puzzles, your regular items combination puzzles and also quite a few conversational puzzles, where you will struggle to pick the optimum answer, to get a move on. The more puzzles you solve, the more areas you uncover/unlock, so really, it is this that will entice you to go on, rather than the story. So, give it a try if you are in the experience for the interactive adventure elements.

Give QFG 5 a try

I'm not familiar with any of the Quest For Glory games until recently when I have tried out the fifth one in the series. While there are better RPG's out there, Quest For Glory 5 is nor bad nor great. It's somewhere in between, because there are things that this game does a good job and in the same time it has some bad elements as well. The story in this game, to be honest, is quite interesting but it feels somewhat the same like in other games: you're a prince in which you need to compete in some sort of Rites of Rulership, a contest where you compete for a Greek-like kingdom known as Silmaria, and in the end fighting of a dragon. The interesting element in storyline is that an unknown assassin kills off systematically the other contests. This builds up a lot of tension which determines you to go on in order to find out what will happen next.The choice of graphics isn't that good. It's okay for the intro movie, where a lot of other games, such as Blood Omen used these kind of graphics in cutscenes. But they reuse the same type of graphics in the main game, however this doesn't make the game ugly, it's just out of place. Even the basics elements in animation like moving or attacking kind of silly. The voice acting is kind of cheesy but I really love the soundtrack of this game and sound effects are pretty neat.All in all, if you love all types of RPG's consider giving Quest For Glory 5 because it's worth a try.