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Questron 2 (pc game)
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  • Main game screen
  • Exploring the land
  • What's this way?
  • A what's a Sovan priest doing here?
  • Under attack
  • A grub snuffler?!
  • Entering a town
  • Chatting with the locals
  • Going shopping
  • Buying arms
  • At the tavern
  • What have you got?
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Courtesy of Abandonware Dos.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Image extracted from gameplay video.
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An RPG that is lots of fun and it knows it!

The Apple computers didn't really abound in games. Sure they had a few, here and there, and some great classics (Oregon Trail, anyone? On the Lisa 2?!) but generally a nice gaming series was rarer on this platform. But the lack of so many titles and of a certain pressure that the IBM compatibles were always under meant that developers had other ideas and other ways of producing games, and this is exactly why Questron 2 is such a distinctive RPG. Sure, it still follows the recipe of classic fantasy based RPG games, but at any rate, it doesn't try to impose itself on you with some over the top seriousness. I mean, here's a nice extra the game offers, you can play minigames in the game (casino games) an idea that will surface much later (Fallout New Vegas, anyone?!). At any rate, the graphics are pretty unique and very simplistic but for some reason they're so airy that they just are refreshing and work great and the game's story is not as loaded as some other ones, allowing you to just chill and get through the game without second guessing yourself at every step of the way. Just so you know, there is a certain similarity between, Questron 2 and Neverwinter Nights though this later one sure is more serious in its storytelling.