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Race Drivin 95 (pc game)
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Fairly tedious driving sim

This sequel to the classic driving sim Hard Drivin adds in a few new features to its predecessor's fairly standard line-up and while it is an ambitious attempt it is largely unsuccessful due to issues with its controls and its lack of features. One of Race Drivin's twists is its focus on stunt- and speed-based courses, while its realistic physics model was also fairly advanced for its time. Gameplay is pretty ordinary for a driving game, with a couple of tracks available and a handful of cars and with players able to choose from the Autocross or Stunt courses and who must race around their chosen track in a given time limit. On some tracks, traffic gets in your way while there is also the occasional branching route to choose from and which adds to the challenge. The stunt track is probably the most interesting, with ramps, loop- the-loops and corkscrews providing some entertainment value. Handling for the cars has been improved over Hard Drivin, but that's about all there is really that's new. Race Drivin is a pretty ordinary racer, and is certainly not as fun as Screamer, Need for Speed or Colin Mcrae Rally. The distinct lack of tracks and cars is a let-down, as the ones that are included aren't that great and soon lose their appeal, while the minimal features don't really help matters. Perhaps a bigger problem however is the controls which don't transfer well from the arcade original and which fail to create a strong sense of driving. Graphically too the game has aged pretty badly and unfortunately there is little to recommend this over other stronger driving games.