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Raiden IV: OverKill (pc game)
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Raiden is back and better than ever!

Following closely in the footsteps of its predecessors in the Raiden series of shooters, this is a classic entry which deserves its place in the blasting hall of fame alongside stunners like Gradius and R-Type. Like earlier games in the series, this is a vertically scrolling shooter which, although not exactly a bullet hell experience, is still plenty tough but very exciting. It's got everything you need in such a game, including gorgeous visuals, a corking soundtrack, slick weapons, and heaps of action. There's not much in the way of story here but who cares about such things in such a game? Instead, you're thrown into the thick of things pretty quickly and charged with simply destroying everything that you see. You've got some cool new weapons alongside fan favorites while there are also several modes to try out, including the all-new Overkill mode, Arcade mode, and even a secret mode which opens up once you complete the game. The visuals are also now in 3D, although retaining that top-down, distinctive look the series is known for, but which really makes it stand out even more. As far as vertical shooters go, this has to be one of the best. It's truly lovely to look at, with heaps of superb enemies and bosses to blast and some gorgeous environments to enjoy. The weapons are varied and always fun to use while there's a proper sense of challenge here, enough to keep genre veterans happy but not so punishing as to put off complete noobs. Throw in some cracking tunes and effects and you have a first-rate blaster.