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Great shooters, some technical issues

The Raiden series of vertical shooters is a pretty legendary one, standing as some of the best examples of the genre, and are a must play for fans of Xenon, Tyrian and The Reap. On paper, this bundle of four games from the franchise seems to be a no-brainer for anyone after some intense blasting thrills but unfortunately, some technical issues let the side down considerably. The four games here are Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet, all of which are quite similar, being classic vertical shooters which have all the usual genre features, such as invading aliens, boss battles, big guns and of course lots of big explosions. This Legacy collection adds in a few new modes, some new ships, a new difficulty mode and a smattering of other features for the hardcore. In principle, this should be a great collection for anyone looking to blow stuff up in ridiculous amounts. The games themselves feature some superb powerups and some of the toughest blasting action to grace the arcades, but this collection has some technical issues due to the emulation being used, which results in screen tearing and dodgy frame rates. However, if you can get past these issues, there is a lot of old-school action to enjoy here. The gameplay is simple enough but remains as intense and compelling as ever, and epitomizes that one-more-go feeling that is lacking in so many of today's games. The visuals and music are top notch and if you can just get past the technical issues, there is much to enjoy here.