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Rance III: Riizasu Kanraku (pc game)
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The pervy adventures of Rance!

The Rance series is a pretty extensive set of Japanese adult-themed RPG/strategy games, a bit like Dragon Knight or Knights of Xentar mixed with classic Final Fantasy, and while they're far from classics, they're worth a look if you like such things. This third entry does continue from where previous games left off, so if you haven't played them, you might be a bit lost, but to be honest, you wouldn't be missing much if you didn't play this. The story here continues the adventures of the young investigator with a love of pretty women and who once again finds himself caught up in a quest to rescue some lovelies from the clutches of some evil monsters. What follows is an RPG which mixes elements from things like Forgotten Realms and Dungeon Master, with a mix of first person exploration in towns and a top down view in dungeons, with the usual mix of wandering around, interacting with other characters and turn-based battles. This one is more adult-oriented than earlier installments, so if such things do offend, then you'd best steer clear, as there is some fairly explicit content here. However, if you enjoy that peculiarly Japanese take on things, then this is solid enough stuff. The story is the usual incomprehensible nonsense, so it's best not to worry about it too much, and instead just enjoy the ride. The gameplay is standard stuff, but it's varied and challenging enough to be mildly diverting, while the visuals are pleasant enough, and which all combine to make an entertaining, if less than classic, adventure.