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Raptor: Call of the Shadows (2010 Edition) (pc game)
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Fun and diverse shoot em up, vertical shooter!

This 2010 version of the original takes the ideas and the presentation of the original and clothes it in modern HD clothes. However, don't think that all the jagged edges were smoothed and that the original is depersonalized and stripped of all its interesting portions. Nope, this is not what had happened to the game. What happened to it is that it had received a HD clean up, without however, changing its inner most personal tidbits. Therefore, it is still a 2D top down fast, forward scrolling shooter, above ground and with lots of enemies and powerups, only that it will run on a modern machine without issues and will run at higher resolutions. It's as fun as the old game, and as diverse as that one as well, and the things we loved about it in the beginning are still there, but graphically enhanced. So, definitely, if you loved Raptor: Call of the Shadow back in the day, you will most definitely love this remake/revamp. The change has been for the better from all points of view and from all aspects, and thus, it is sure worth looking into.