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Ravage D.C.X (pc game)
4.5 out of 5 (2 votes)
  • Aiming and shooting!
  • Game manual
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An OK sci-fi rail shooter

It's is a rail shooter from '96 where you fight aliens who are invading through a dimensional portal. Pretty cliche story line. The action is decent for what it is though, it's an on rails shooter where you're sometimes on foot, sometimes in a vehicle, and you blast your way through different planets to destroy the target structure on each. There are little cutscenes interspersed in each level, but they're not long and the game isn't really story-oriented. Since everything's pre-rendered, the graphics are arguably "better" than free-movement FPSes of the time. Once in a while it does feel a bit cheap though when you have only a short window of time to notice and kill a particular alien (who might be sneaking up behind you in some cases).I played this with a buddy back in the day, so it has a certain nostalgia value for me, but otherwise it's not particularly surprising that it's become so obscure. The alien positions are a bit randomized so it's not exactly the same on each playthrough despite being on a pre-defined path, but even so it's not a game you're likely to want to do over and over unless you're really into trying for high scores.