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Rayman Origins (pc game)
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  • Our hero, Rayman!
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Beautiful and diverse Rayman platformer

Playing the original Rayman may have its highs but for those of us that have had the chance to taste the sweet taste of HD gaming, it may be a little difficult to go back to such games. But, if you crave a little Rayman and don't want to go back in time too much, Rayman Origins is just the right game to play. It has all the beauty of modern Rayman gaming, all the platforming, the interesting characters as well as the weird story. Thus, Rayman Origins is a modern sidescroller platformer that takes its cues from the original. This means a multitude of levels, around 80 of them, exquisitely hand drawn and animated fantastically. Plus, the 2.5D perspective works as a charm for the game and this can only make the playing sessions more interesting. In terms of gameplay style Rayman Origins combines the best from Super Mario games to the fast paced Sonic series, but it never feels like a clone of neither one. No, Rayman is its own blend, and it is a mighty nice one, without question. So, give this game a chance if you love platforming and you will definitely be drawn into the diverse and fantastic world of this little man. One of my favorite platformers without question.