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Modern RC vehicle racer, easy to control, with 3D graphics

RC Cars, as the name suggests, is a racer, of radio controlled vehicles, mini models that you will be racing with on a number of tracks. These tracks are quite diverse, and all of them look great, some of them being more inclined towards realism, which others combine realistic elements with made up/sci fi-ish elements. All in all, though, the racer is pretty arcade styled, easy to control and very prone to accidents, but your RC car can recover really fast! Also, while some other RC car racers look like they play with RC models, this one actually feels like it. The cars don't take much to spin out of control, and, when you first start, if you don't manage your speed properly, you rick spinning in place or just going out of balance. But, then again, this game is so easy to play with and so fun that you will soon get through most of its tracks. If this game has any flaw, it must be its lack of more tracks. But, given its playability, along with Re-Volt, I totally recommend you to download it. It's a game that is worth it, even if only for a wheelie with a 4x4 mini racer!