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Read Only Memories (pc game)
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Do you dream of electric sheep?

Taking its inspirations from sources as diverse as Neuromancer, Blade Runner, and Gabriel Knight, this is an intriguing cyberpunk adventure that mixes puzzles, pointing-and-clicking and a strong narrative to generally decent effect. You play the part of a struggling journalist who meets a bizarre sentient robot, and together you set off of an epic quest through a vast city teeming with quirky characters and filled with secrets. The whole thing is defined by several aspects, including a complex narrative that is shaped by your decisions; a very stylish retro-futuristic look and a mix of exploration and puzzle solving. The visuals give the impression of a sort of cartoon-ish world, but the narrative is actually surprisingly deep and mature, with some fairly serious themes lurking under its surface, although the game never becomes preachy or overly heavy. The game scores a lot of points for its very stylish visuals, which takes the look of point-and-click adventures like Beneath a Steel Sky and adds it own take to create a very individual experience that is full of rich visual detail to enjoy. Likewise, the story is well told and written, with a number of memorable characters who leap off the screen and come up with some sharp dialogue that will linger with you after you stop playing. The mix of exploration and puzzle solving is well handled, with the puzzles implemented in such a fashion that they feel a natural part of the gameplay, and with the city being genuinely interesting to roam around. For anyone in need of a sci-fi fix, this is a good choice.