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Records of Warrior (pc game)
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  • Just a game of Mahjong
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Go on a mahjong adventure

Although you might go into Records of Warrior thinking it's some epic fantasy RPG, it's actually a solitaire mahjong game. However, rather than being just a straight up interpretation of the classic game, it adds in some fantasy-style elements and which make it an intriguing experience. The basic setup for the game is the same as any other mahjong title, like Shanghai, with the player required to remove matching tiles from a huge pile and which requires plenty of strategic thinking if you're going to win. However, the twist here is that the game is given a fantasy background, where you have to travel around various provinces, beating different games in order to continue. Everything is played against the clock, with limits getting shorter as you proceed and which adds a nice sense of pressure to proceedings. You also have access to magic, which can help you out of a tricky spot and which is also a welcome addition to the formula. Apart from these two main elements though, this is very much a familiar bit of mahjong gaming. The extras do mix things up a bit and help make the game stand out a little from the crowd. If you'r fortunate enough to read Chinese, there's probably a decent plot in here too, although how you make a story out of mahjong is a bit of a mystery. There seems to be a slight lack of options as you might find in other similar titles, which is a little disappointing, but the game makes up for this with pleasant graphics that are quite atmospheric. Certainly worth a look for mahjong fans who are after something different.