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Renowned Explorers: International Society (pc game)
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I say old chap!

This might not be the deepest or most complex game in the world, but it is most definitely accessible and a whole lot of fun. It gains a lot of points from its charming visual design and setting, while the gameplay is enjoyable and highly varied. You're put in control of a group of bold explorers and it's your job to make sure they find all the best legendary treasure before their competitors. You get to travel the world, visiting lost temples, mysterious cities and spooky forests and all the other sorts of places that Lara Croft visits in the Tomb Raider games. The gameplay requires you to pick your band of adventurers, each of whom have their own unique personalities and traits, and then venture forth in search of fame and fortune. You can approach missions how you like, to a certain extent, choosing between all-out combat to deal with enemies, flattering them with compliments, intimidating them or even deceiving them. This has the feel of a sort of board game, the way all the various elements fit together. Everything is very easy to get into, thanks to the clever way it's all explained, while the expeditions themselves are fun and satisfying to play through. The range of heroes to choose from is a nice touch, and they really do lend themselves to different situations, so playing around with your choices adds to the fun. The visuals are quite simple but pleasing in a cartoony way and really the only major issue is the overall short running time. There is replay value to be had with playing different expeditions, but even though this isn't going to stay with you forever, you'll have fun while it does last.