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République Remastered Deluxe Edition (pc game)
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  • Two prisoners
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Stealth and action in a dystopian future

If stealth and action in the vague style of Metal Gear are your bag, then Republique might be worthy of your time. It's a far from perfect game though and suffers from a few irritating faults which make it easily skipped over by the average gamer. The concept is an intriguing one though, with an interesting storyline that gets you hooked from the start. It all begins with your receiving a phone call from Hope, a woman trapped in an unpleasant totalitarian state, where the government watches and sees all. After hacking into a surveillance network, it's up to you to help uncover the mysterious plot and bring down the government by guiding Hope through a number of dangerous situations. This all takes the form of some fairly simple stealth/action sequences where you effectively instruct Hope how to proceed through the numerous environments, helping her evade guards and other hostile characters, while solving the occasional puzzle or getting into some actiony situations. Republique is fairly impressive stuff visually, with some very distinctive environments that are nicely science-fictiony and which create a good impression of a strange and corrupt world, where corruption and paranoia run rampant. The gameplay itself however, fares slightly less well, unless you're a total stealth addict. It's all just a bit simplistic unfortunately, with little in the way of depth to keep you hooked and the lack of tension soon becomes a trifle dull. This is a shame really as the story has potential but ultimately this is distinctly average stuff at best.