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Resonance (pc game)
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Modern adventuring done properly

Adventure fans looking for their next thrilling experience would be well advised to check out this cracking little mystery that evokes the spirit of things like Broken Sword and Fate of Atlantis. Set in present times, the game gets off to an intriguing start with a dramatic intro that shows a set of devastating bomb attacks going off around the world. Things then rewind a couple of days to show you the lead-up to the attacks, with the story being built up around the lives of four different controllable characters, and which eventually converge and things unfold. The game plays out in classic point-and-click fashion, with the player exploring a series of environments, interacting with NPCs and collecting objects in order to solve the inventory-based puzzles. There are other puzzle styles too, to add in some variety, while you have to make clever use of the various characters in order to proceed. There's a few other clever mechanics introduced too, the best of which revolves around short- and long-term memory, but most of what follows is classic genre stuff. Resonance really is a treat for fans of this kind of thing. The storyline is fascinating and genuinely imaginative, with plenty of twists and turns along the way and which will keep you guessing to the end. The writing is very good, with some memorable characters and sharp dialogue and which helps to further boost the game's appeal. Puzzles too are nicely varied, with plenty of challenge even for veterans, while the pleasant graphics are the icing on a well-baked cake. Recommended!