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Hurry the salads

Ever been to a diner for a late supper with your sweetheart and ended up leaving disappointed? Think you can do better? Well here is your chance. In Restaurant Empire 2 you embark on a gourmet journey through 16 different scenarios, all with the same goal. Become the ultimate chef, and expand your empire across the globe. While this all sounds tempting, and it is pretty neatly done, there is in fact no real difference from Restaurant Empire. Of course the story is brand new, after beating your rival company in first game, you're up against the world. It is up to you to set up successful business, open new restaurants and coffee shops around the world, while keeping an eye out for new recipes and talented young chefs. Not a bad concept, but somewhat lacking in other aspects. Same graphic engine as first game, basically same gameplay with addition of some new and, i must be frank, quite neat items. Nonetheless, if you like sims, you will enjoy RE2, if you can get past some of its minor gameplay issues and outdated graphics.