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Return of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Old-school action
  • A quiet moment
  • Keep blasting
  • Space bat!
  • Boss fight
  • Racking up the points
  • Don't stop shooting
  • Power up!
  • Watch out!
  • Here he comes again
  • Space snakes!
  • Score!
  • A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Vertical shooter, pretty basic but fun

In Return of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom you will only care about two things: your upgrades and that the baddies that shoot at you meet their demise as soon as possible. Yep, this game is a DOS shooter by excellence, it has no extras to mess with you. All you have is your ship, fast advancing and the enemies that can't seem to quench their thirst to see you reload! Not the hardest vertical shooter out there, but not an easy one either. Also, graphically the game looks as DOS like as you could ever hope from a game such as this one. The black background is all it needs really, and the right hand menu is also sufficient to let you do your job, and know how many points you have and how many missiles you still have in store. Yep, it's not a game you will feel an urge to play, but if you want this type of gameplay, you'll get it without issues in Return of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom. Play it if you love, relatively nondescript Sci Fi themed vertical shooter, say, like Highway Hunter, or, if you played Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom and feel like more of the same is needed!