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Return to Mysterious Island 2 (pc game)
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  • Wake up or you'll drown!
  • What a beatiful view
  • We should follow that path
  • A little monkey appears
  • I wouldn't climb that cliff
  • Image related to Return to Mysterious Island 2 game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Image related to Return to Mysterious Island 2 game sale. Credit: Steam
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Island fun

The original Return to Mysterious Island was a jolly little Myst-style romp that provided both an entertaining storyline and some cracking puzzles for adventure fans. This sequel is basically more of the same so if you did enjoy the first one, you're bound to have a good time here. The plot picks up after the original and finds that game's heroine, Mina, once again trapped on the titular island. Only this time, there's a deadly disease ravaging the tropical paradise, so along with her monkey chum Jep, it falls to her to save the day. What follows is a classically styled adventure, where you move between static locations but can explore each one in 360 degrees while hunting out objects and clues to help you to the bottom of the mystery. You can also switch between Mina and Jep and you'll need to use their unique skills to progress. Jep for example, is smaller and can navigate through small places while also able to talk to other monkeys and use his sense of smell to sniff things out. For the most part, this is a nice little romp that any adventure fan would do well to have in their collection. It's got a very involving storyline that keeps you hooked through a number of twists and turns and the atmosphere is helped immensely by the very immersive and rather splendid visuals. The puzzles are generally well done and are both satisfying and enjoyable to solve. There are perhaps a few too many minigames and a few rather silly obstacles but apart from this, this is a fine experience.