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Lary Niven fiction based adventure

Larry Niven used to be quite well known for his writings, combining space opera with extraterrestrial life tropes and a mass of other elements. Therefore, this game picks up on this type of universe, bringing you a rather plane space narrative, filled with all sort of weird creatures and happenings that are well captured in that kind of atmosphere. However, the interaction with the game is rather not too intense. You are not too much in control of the development of the story, you never feel like you are affecting the big picture of the game too much. Instead, you just feel like a passenger, filling in the gaps, solving some puzzles and so on. Graphically the game is rather nice, with a rather ok look, reminiscent of its period, with cartoony backdrops that never get too wild. Overall, for a space opera like game, with elements that will remind of Star Trek and of other such space odyssey stories, the game is not half bad. But, it is not a masterpiece either. It keep to the same base story from top to finish and it never manages to produce a very enticing story. So, take it with a warning. If you like pulpy space/extraterrestrial narratives this game is going to appeal to you, otherwise it might just be too tedious and linear.