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Return To Zork (pc game)
4.53 out of 5 (19 votes)
  • Title screen
  • Credits
  • Who's this fellow?
  • What an ominous name
  • What's behind the door?
  • I wish I hadn't knocked now
  • He's a salty old fellow
  • What a lovely view
  • Clever interface
  • Building a raft
  • Where is everyone?
  • He looks a bit dodgy
  • Welcome to my humble home
  • A snapshot extracted from game introduction video.
  • Game title screen
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
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  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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A Zork game for those without visual imaginations!

Return to Zork is a fully featured point and click game, very beautiful graphically, based on the Zork story and universe, but fully graphically competent and also, having a true and very beautiful build. The story starts you up behind the White House and form there, with a video message received, you get your first assignment. You will visit the alley of the Sparrows, beautifully rendered in 3D slides, and from there on you will visit other beautiful areas as well. As such, Return to Zork is a fantastic journey, more than expected in terms of graphics and also, with its beautiful puzzles it has an extraordinary construction, worth it if you are a fan of the franchise, yet fit for anyone that had never ever tried a text based game in their lives. The characters are great, the dialogues are great, the puzzles are great; basically it's the true point and click in the Zork world that needs to be played, and is just fantastic from so many points of view. Also, see Zork 3, but be prepared for some really retro text based ideas.

A great addition to the Zork franchise

Return to Zork is a nice addition to the very famous Zork trilogy, and with much improvement in terms of gameplay and graphics. Where the first three Zork games were text adventures, Return to Zork is a adventure that plays from the first person perspective and a point and click interface, making the game playing a lot easier than before, an reminiscent to Myst. Also, the game has a lot of actions for the player to do, so the player feels like he has a lot of freedom in his choices. The game retains the atmosphere the prior games had and has an interesting plot line. The live actors that feature in the game are famous, but in my opinion they do the job really bad and not convincing at all. The graphics are much more detailed than the prior games, which is really a treat. The CD version has a great audio disc with a lot of really great music. Old Zork fans that are true to the old school gaming might be a little disappointed in the changes that have been made in these games, but in my opinion the game has made a nice step forward and it will definitely attract lovers of adventure games that like their games old fashioned, but still not antique, like myself. Overall, the game is really good and a nice step up from history and I recommend it to all Zork fans, despite the modernization.