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Godlike sim with an ecological backbone

Reus is a very modern, indie feeling strategy, where you will take care of the habitat of a planet, which you will see from a slide like perspective, being able to zoom in and out of portions of the playing field. The game has a very green vibe to it, as you have to manage different ecosystems and make sure they can all flourish and survive degradation. The graphics are very beautiful, cartoonish. Especially the totems that guard each region are well animated, in a Flash style, with the characteristic fixed joints feel. The game is easy to get into, great for almost all ages, but later on it catches on with the difficulty level, pitting you to take more elaborate decisions that require you understand the game more profoundly. At any rate, this is a very unusual though very playable game, which sort of reminds of games such as Populous but stylizes the ideas almost beyond recognition. So, if you always wanted to try your hand at saving the planet and becoming greener and more ecologically oriented, this is a good game to kick start your appetite