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Revolt of Don's Knights (pc game)
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  • I wonder what's behind that door
  • Game title screen
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Crap RPG game

This RPG game has not been able to impress me one bit because it really has no such feature that would be loved by gamers. The plot is however a bit unique. It says that the King's nephew has been attacked and some secret documents have been stolen from him. The documents contained secret passages to the castle of the king and they must be retrieved at all cost. Now you will have the role to get back those papers and also to identify the allies of the one that has stolen the documents so that you can counter the rebel within 12 days. Apart from that, it is all crap because the first thing is that all the controls are on the screen which you will use via your mouse. So no use of keyboard. It gets boring and annoying because you have to do a multiple clicks to compete one action and it is clicks and clicks all the way. You can even get killed while you are clicking to bag some items in your inventory. Well that's certainly not the way to go. The graphics are ok but it's the crap interface and the gameplay options that make it bore. Stonekeep is a far better game to try than this one.