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REVOLVER360 RE:ACTOR (pc game)
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  • Horizontal shooter
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Shooter heaven

Anyone who's a fan of hardcore shooters like Crimzon Clover would be well advised to check out this neat entry in the genre. Although it's a little on the short side, it packs plenty of action into a small package and even manages to be a little bit innovative at the same time. This one seems to do away with that habit of trying to come up with a convincing narrative, and instead just throws the player into the good stuff, presenting them with a heavily stylized world of robots which are just begging to be destroyed. In many ways, this is a traditional shooter, with the usual array of weapons and enemies to take on and which prove to be quite spectacular. However, in a neat twist, the player can actually rotate the world around their ship in order to line up massive kill streaks and to alter bullet patterns. It's a truly excellent mechanic which brings a whole new dimension to the genre and which proves both exciting and challenging. Another cool feature is the inclusion of multiple branching routes, each with their own difficulty, so you can tailor the experience to your own skills. This really is a clever and inventive shooter which deserves to be played by any serious fan. It gets off to a great start with its slick and distinctive visuals and only gets better when you get into the gameplay itself. The rotation mechanic is beautifully implemented and thanks to the superb controls, it's intuitive and satisfying to play. The only real issue here is the relatively short length but still, if you like this sort of thing, there's much fun to be had here.