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Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition (pc game)
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Rise of Iron is a cracking and very detailed flight simulator which allows you to live out all your World War I dogfighting dreams. It's a lot more complex than things like Wings but still manages to be authentic and enjoyable at the same time, making it a good choice for newcomers and veterans alike. There's a lot here to discover, with a number of modes and heaps of planes to fly, so it's definitely one you're going to want to sink your teeth into. Probably the best mode to be playing today is the single-player campaign, which gives you a number of challenging missions to fly during the War and which allows you to jump into the cockpits of some iconic aircraft, including the Fokker D VII and the SPAD XII C.1. The multiplayer mode might be a bit difficult to find games in these days but you've also got a scenario editor to play around with as well as lots of customization options. The whole thing is fairly realistic in terms of physics and such-like so this really has the feel of the real thing. Rise of Flight is definitely a cracking flight sim, especially if you're into the historical side of things. There's plenty of detail and authenticity here, from everything from the presentation to the handling of the planes themselves. The visuals still look good, with lots of details and a strong atmosphere, while the missions themselves are challenging and varied. The controls aren't too tricky to pick up, leaving you to concentrate on the flying, which is fast and fun, making this a great choice for sim fans.