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Risen 3: Titan Lords - Complete Edition (pc game)
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Clash of the titans!

The Risen series is a pretty impressive set of action RPGs that offers much to fans of things like the Gothic games but unfortunately, this third entry doesn't quite live up to its predecessors, although it's still a decent offering. If you are interested in trying it, this is a good option as it includes a bunch of DLC along with the main game, giving you hours of adventuring fun. The game takes place in a world abandoned by the gods and which bears the scars of rampaging Titans, with humanity just about holding on to life. You play a mysterious hero whose own existence has been broken by conflict and who must now venture forth to claim his own life back while struggling against the darkness which hangs over everything. What follows is a 3D hack 'n' slash RPG which sees you exploring a vast fantasy-style world while picking up quests, slaying beasts, learning magic, and choosing a faction to join and which opens up all sorts of customization options. There's a very piratey feel to the whole thing and it's this aspect which is perhaps one of the most appealing for the game. There's a real sense of rollicking adventure which makes you want to explore while there's also a good variety of things to keep you playing. The combat is meaty and satisfying and maintains a good level of challenge while the customization is also pleasing. The story isn't overly compelling while there's also a lack of surprise which is disappointing but the visuals are solid, with some nice design work. Overall, not a terrible game but not an overly memorable one either.