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RoboCop 2D (pc game)
5 out of 5 (2 votes)
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Fine fine shooting action

It is a platform shooting game with a typical but still very entertaining and addictive theme, the theme is that you will play a police cyborg who sets off to take on and kill the baddies that roam in the streets. They have added a few fine features which games in this genre normally lack. The first good thing is that you will have some very good controls over the action because the controls are really swift and allow instant movements. Well you can dodge bullets but you cannot dodge all of them which makes the gameplay tough and realistic. However the baddies can easily dodge bullets and you will have to shoot first before they kill you. You have to go through various levels and perform a good variety of different missions which get tough and tough as the game progresses. It also involve a bit of strategic decision making like in the case of a level where your mission will be to rescue an abducted girl without hurting her. The graphics in the game are fine and the level designs are extensive and engaging. You also have some good music in it along with a good interface. Its prequel Robocop was also a fun game and you can still play it for sure.