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Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 (pc game)
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Dated but still a lot of fun hunting sim

Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 takes the recipe of its elder brothers a step forward, but you can' t really accuse the game of actually being modern. It's the graphics engine which, despite its late release in 2000, in a period when fully 3D games were begging to catch some serious ground, still makes use of a combination of sprites and 3D. But, if you don't mind this way of producing the environments, the game is actually pretty fun. Of course, it's fun of a different type, as the game is not a mindless shooter. Nope, it simulates hunting (a little too well some might say!) with long streaks of just waiting for a buck or deer to show its horns (or tail!) and then making sure each cartridge you use is used well. The game is very similar to Deer Hunter 4 in many different aspects, graphics wise, number of different environments and weaponry, though Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 does have a special affinity for the snow imbued slopes of the Rocky Mountains, as the name makes clear from the very beginning. So, if you want to try a turn of the century hunting game, this is a very good one, representing the era in full, while also being playable and quite a lot of fun actually.