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Neat mix of old-school and modern

For a modern twist on a few old-school genres, then this Steam greenlit game is a must play. It takes elements of rogue-likes such as Rogue and Hack, as well as sidescrolling platformer/shooters like Castlevania and Turrican and mixes them all up to superb effect. The story finds the player thrust into the shoes of the sons and daughters of the king under unfortunate circumstances. The king has been gravely wounded by the blade of an assassin and it now falls to you to venture into the shadows of the cursed castle Hamson, in search of a cure. What follows is largely a side scrolling platform shooter where you face off against the ever more inventive and deadly denizens of the castle and do battle with them unto death. A few neat twists turn this into something a little different, first of which is the way that when you die, you take control of a new child of the king, who has new strengths, skills and weaknesses, forcing you to adjust your playstyle on the fly. The next thing of note is the fact that the environments are randomly generated, adding to the replay value and the challenge. Rogue Legacy really is quite the joy from start to finish. It has a pleasing, if not quite spectacular, visual style which has a good amount of personality, thanks to the character and environment design. The gameplay comes at you fast and furious, with plenty of difficult enemies and puzzles to try your hand at, while the random nature of the levels really keeps you on your toes. If you want a bit of old-school fun with some modern sensibilities, this should definitely be checked out.