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Old-school meets new

Cheap and cheerful it might be, but for a cracking modern take on retro roguelikes such as Rogue, combined with RPG and adventure elements, this is hard to beat. It's got a massive amount of things to do, with familiar elements such as character creation, exploration and combat standing alongside quests, robotic pets, weapon forging and even brewing beer and running your own tavern. You can choose to be a brave hero or an evil villain and must explore a wonderfully crafted ASCII-style world, engaging in random combat and all the other sorts of things which crop up in this kind of thing. There are elements of text adventures here too, with some humorous conversations and puzzles to engage in. There are quite a few options to play around with, not least the 320 character classes, with modes offering normal death and permadeath for the hardcore, as well as the opportunity to test your skills in ranked matches. If you are a true retro fan looking for a unique experience, then Sanctuary is just what you're after. The visuals are great if you're into ASCII graphics and the enemies and weapons are surprisingly well crafted and imaginative. The exploration is genuinely compelling, with a real sense of adventure, while the combat is challenging and satisfying. The depth of options is impressive, with a wealth of classes, weapons and items to play around with, while the sound is cool, again in an 8-bit fashion. Overall, this is a great little game that is easy to lose hours of time to, so be prepared to say goodbye to real life if you pick it up.