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Santa Claus in Trouble, Again! (pc game)
3.67 out of 5 (3 votes)
  • Needs to get those presents
  • This is gonna be tricky
  • Need to hurry up
  • Finally found those presents!
  • These penguins shall be put on the naughties list
  • I should wait for the right moment
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Santa s life is sooo hard sometimes!

Here's a 64 bit era type 3rd person platformer, which looks like it's been lifted directly from the Nintendo 64 and, through some magic fairy made to work on our modern day Win XP/Vista and Win7 machines. (Most probably works on Win 8, in compatibility mode, though I did not test it. The game goes on to show just how difficult Santa's job can be sometimes, as getting with his bag of toys to the deserving children can be quite challenging at times. However, thankfully, he is aided by the fact that he can double jump, even if he's in mid air, and also because the design of the levels, even if challenging, is pretty well done, so you are never at a loss of where to head next. In fact the strongest point of the game is the design, which seems like Santa's world has gotten mixed up with American McGee Alice's world, to result in a delightful and playful abstract world of puzzles and rotating wheels and moving platforms. Absolutely a must play, I wish I had known about it a long time before I got the chance!