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Santas Xmas Caper (pc game)
5 out of 5 (1 votes)
  • Title screen
  • Cheer up!
  • Throw some snowballs
  • Careful!
  • Grab the gifts
  • Don't get stuck
  • Five more presents needed
  • It's a bit nippy out
  • Ouch!
  • Keep jumping
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Image extracted from gameplay video.
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Help Santa retrieve and deliver children s gifts!

Here's a little, rather delightful, though not the world's most well polished sidescroller platformer for the winter celebrations time! In Santas Xmas Caper you will help Santa get back the gifts that were stolen from him (maybe by the evil Grinch?!) and now scattered around. The levels abound with baddies and the collectible gift boxes, and Santa, a red clad jumpy bearded hero seems to be more nimble than ever. Alright, he's not the world's most well animated sprite, but well, I guess he has his age as a backstory to cover for the developers lack of polish, but, well, he still gets the job done! Not the most diverse world is this game's world either; elements are used and reused abundantly, but even so, that won't take the fun out of the game, at least not for the foreseeable amount of time you'll spend with it. So yeah, overall an easy, children like sidescroller, alright but no gem. Play it if you've exhausted your Super Mario Bros limit (!) or if you want a simpler, winter celebrations ready action platformer/sidescroller with none other than Santa at the helm!