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Satellite Reign (pc game)
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Cyberpunk is back

A kind of mix of RTS games like Command & Conquer and Syndicate or Syndicate Wars, Satellite Reign is a top notch experience that is only let down by its sense of linearity which doesn't give players a real sense of freedom. The game takes place in a familiar cyberpunk future, where mega-corporations like those seen in Blade Runner control everything, with distinct layers of society and with the police keeping a brutal grip on the poor. You take control of four agents, each with their own abilities, and try to wrest control of the city from your enemies. You can do this however you like, by engaging directly in combat with them, by using espionage and propaganda, or by hacking their facilities and manipulating their infrastructure. The game is played out from an isometric view, similar to other such games, and kicks off with a tutorial to walk you through the basics. For the most part, this is a first class experience. It starts off well, with fantastic visuals that are just dripping with atmosphere thanks to the neon drenched city which just begs to be explored. The universe might be a familiar one but it's well realized and frighteningly believable and it's easy to get sucked in. The gameplay itself is solid and well executed, with a great sense of an open world that lets you play things the way you want to. If you like blowing stuff up, then you can but if you prefer a more subtle approach, then give that a whirl too. There is a bit of linearity and spoon feeding from the tutorial, which seems to force you into defined progression but apart from this, Satellite Reign is a great game.