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Satori (pc game)
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  • Green background
  • Arrange the pieces
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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10x10 solitaire board game; playable and well executed

Satori is a solitaire like board game, tile based, so no playing cards, but in terms of the way you are supposed to interact with it, it's definitely an immediately recognizable arranging puzzler. It's definitely fun, well produced, playable enough, and, for the most part it has all the necessary elements that one would need; the board (10x10 dimensions wise) the pieces with their values and much more. It is a fun experience, and it is a game that is sure to give you a whole lot of fun reprises. But, nonetheless, Satori it's a relaxing, mind forgetting type of deal. Now, the values of the tiles are given also by their color, and in Satori you get pink, yellow, green and blue and violet tiles. They appear randomly, and you have to stack them. It's just straightforward, and if you love board games, as well as solitaire games, this sure will give you a fun go for your time. Else, you know, just download Bicycle Solitaire and have a cool card shuffling and arranging blast in great oldschool 2D graphics.