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Too much platforming, not enough puzzling

Although not quite so good as the similar Unmechanical or Ethan: Meteor Hunter, this clever little puzzler is still well worth a look for genre fans. It's not quite perfect though, with a bit of an imbalance regarding platforming versus puzzles but it's charming enough to warrant a closer inspection. The game tells the fairly engaging tale of a man who ventures into a mystical swamp in search of his missing son. After getting quickly lost, a strange imp-like creature appears and offers to guide him safely through the swamp. The imp's main gift is a magical ability which is a light which changes the world around you, and it's this amazing skill which lets you solve the numerous puzzles you will face and defeat the many beasts which bar your progress. The game itself is a mix of puzzler and platformer with the light used to find new paths and to interact with your environment while also engaging in boss fights as you progress through the story. If you are looking for a mix of platformer and puzzler, you might be disappointed here. There is a definite emphasis on platforming and what's here is actually pretty hardcore, requiring as it does pixel perfect timing that is challenging but also frustrating at times. The puzzles themselves aren't that spectacular and are again quite disappointing if that's the aspect you're interested in. There are some clever ones but they are relatively few and far between so beware of this. It's a shame really, as the visuals and story are quite charming, but overall, this is just a little too imbalanced to make it a must play.