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School House (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Dull edutainment title

With a name like School House that lacks the cool punning of the classic Skool Daze, this can only really be one type of game: an edutainment title. However, while this one undoubtedly delivers on the educational front, its entertainment value is somewhat questionable, making this something only for those really looking to learn. The game gives players a large variety of learning based activities to choose from, including spelling, maths, chemistry, history and geography, all of which can be played at various levels. It's intended for two players but if you haven't got another human opponent, the computer steps up in the form of one of three brainiac characters to challenge you. Whatever the subject chosen, the game plays out in pretty much the same way, which is slightly original but also less than exciting. Basically, you're given a list of objects related to the theme of the lesson and you take it in turn to to create a list where these objects are placed in the correct order. If you get it right, an object gets thrown out of the box, with the overall aim of being the first to get rid of all your objects. If you're thinking this sounds like it's not exactly a heap of fun, you'd be pretty accurate in your assessment and unless you get thrills from making lists, you're best off sticking to the traditional method of learning or trying something that's actually fun like Headline Harry or Carmen Sandiego. This one isn't helped by its bland visuals and presentation, which are an instant turn-off, so really unless you're desperate to go back in the classroom, steer clear of this one.