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Scooby-Doo: Case File 1: The Glowing Bug Man (pc game)
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Fun little adventure game

It is a fun adventure game based on the very famous cartoon series that we all know. It provides a lot of humor along with the fun and interesting gameplay elements in the game. The goal in the game for the famous two characters Scooby and shaggy along with other characters in the series is to collect clues and solve mysteries at various levels. You can bribe and engage Scooby and shaggy by offering them Scooby snacks so that they do not feel afraid of the monsters. The graphics in the game are very good as the characters have been modelled quite perfectly and in line with the real cartoon characters. Similarly the interface of this game has also been perfectly designed and it is very interactive. The gameplay involves a large variety of puzzles solving elements which are connected with the mysteries in the game. The good thing about these puzzles is that they are very interesting and competitive but are still not frustrating and can be solved quite comfortably. Moving further, you have to listen to tapes and collect various other items to eliminate the suspects and to reach the real culprit. Try this one for sure, but if you feel like having more of such stuff, then try Stacking as well.