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Scrabble: Deluxe Edition (pc game)
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Digital scrabble; pretty well produced!

Scrabble: Deluxe Edition is a straightforward, well produced, well executed Scrabble: Deluxe Edition, a cool, really interesting game of Scrabble, that has all the amenities that you might expect from a game like this one. It offers you a pretty decent run combination of a smart AI, that will take advantage of your weaknesses, and, furthermore, it's got a large, fully featured array of English words, a good vocabulary, that is. Thus, you can play really intensely, both against the AI as well as against other players. The game has enough material to keep you playing for hours on end. So, overall, Scrabble: Deluxe Edition is pretty decent, and it offers you a pretty cool build, overall. The additional content, the tutorial and so on are pretty cool too, and they make this version of the game to be an oldie, but one that won't leave you wanting for more. A good alternative can be Scrabble (for Windows), which features a good dictionary as well. So, yeah, with both you can enjoy scrabble when you can't just go for a game with your friends.